Transition Partners Group

The Unique TPG Approach:

One size doesn’t fit all. 

Every situation, every executive, deserves a specific career analysis, and a tailored plan.

What distinguishes TPG from most others? It starts with our customized programs, continues with the addition of our Partners operational experience, and is reinforced by our passion and commitment to each and every individual.

Our Customized Programs:

  • We customize Transition Services and Career Coaching Programs specifically for executives and tenured managers who deserve a more personalized and in-depth approach, designed for their individual needs and at comparable costs to the company.

  • At an accelerated pace, we coach them through the stages of transition.

  • All programs are delivered One-on-One, 24/7, no session time limits, and in location where the executive is most comfortable.

  • Our focus is on outcome, not process.

Our Real World Experience:

  • Our partners were hand chosen leaders who have “played all the positions” of the executives we coach through transition.

  • All of us have been in the executive’s operational shoes, challenged by the same business issues, making the same difficult decisions that business leaders face.

  • We identify potential skill set gaps in getting to candidate’s desired career destination.

Our Unique Commitment: 

  • We use both formal and informal assessments to understand tendencies, strengths, opportunity areas, and career aspirations.

  • We focus on relationships-The core of any successful career is built on effective relationships. We help the executive understand how relationships may have affected their previous roles and what it takes to build those critical relationships going forward.

  • We are passionate about developing the talent and potential of your individuals. TPG has built our successful business on this principle.