Transition Partners Group

Company History


The Transition Partners Group was founded in 2006 on the principle that “there must be a better way” to guide executives and managers through the transition into new positions within their company or into others. Dissatisfied with the traditional process of transition and outplacement they had experienced in the course of their distinguished business careers, the founding partners interviewed and counseled hundreds of senior executives who were also frustrated with the search for that “better way”.

The outcome of such early networking was the creation of an individualized and customized blend of assessments and education techniques the Partners called the “TPG Process.” It teaches all levels of executives how best to sell themselves and introduces them to the concept of building relationship resources in the transition process and in new positions.


In 2008, TPG expanded its service offerings to include Executive Coaching and Mentoring Programs,which have been effective for many of our customers. The Executive Coaching Programs are tailored for each executive, whether in a new position, trying to enhance leadership or relationship effectiveness, or experiencing difficulty with their current responsibilities. TPG Partners assist large and small organizations with the creation, implementation, and monitoring of Mentoring Programsdesigned to increase employee commitment, development and career longevity.

Today, TPG’s success allows us to take pride in:


  • A national staff of over 18 practicing senior Partners

  • A functioning background of operational expertise in most business disciplines and industries.

  • A well satisfied group of business clients

  • One-n-One Program delivery

  • Counseling at any time and executive’s choice of location

  • Focus on senior and “high-maintenance” executives.

  • All employee levels accommodated.

  • A comprehensive corporate toolkit consisting of:

  • Excellent research methods

  • Marketing planning techniques

  • Interviewing skills and practice

  • Resume development skills

  • Networking ability plans

  • Compensation negotiation insights

  • Quick and painless transition guidance

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